EXpressure Exd Cabinets

EXpressure Exd Cabinets

Ex d enclosure in a lightweight construction.

New Pressure-Relief Solution.

EXpressure technology is revolutionising the world of explosion protection through
ex d protected cabinets for use in the hazardous area applications. This is similar to the well-known safe zone cabinets. Wondering how? This feat is achieved by using an innovative technology where the EXpressure uses thin-walled stainless steel panels. As a result, EXpressure Ex d cabinets are lighter and have a larger utilisable interior when compared with other Ex d enclosures.

Some of the salient features are:

1. Lower energy costs
2. An external dimension savings of up to 25%
3. Enclosures that are up to 50% lighter
4. Future-proofness and flexibility in the event of retrofitting
5. Lower operating costs, thanks to the higher system availability

Experience the EXpressure technology first hand. Watch the informative video here.


EXpressure safely dissipates explosion pressure in enclosures outwards via flow channels in multi-layer stainless steel wire cloths. After an explosion in the enclosure, the controlled gas flow and heat absorption reduces the internal pressure build-up, thanks to these special wire cloth elements. The maximum internal pressure in the EXpressure enclosure amounts to less than 1 bar. As a result, it provides protection with a significantly reduced wall thickness. Owing to these changes in design, you have more installation space available.

Low engineering costs:
Benefit from faster engineering. Instead of dividing the overall electrical function between a number of enclosures, a single, large hermetically sealed cabinet is now sufficient. This provides enormous options and advantages for the user. Completed project engineering from the safe area can be adopted for Ex-applications.

EXpressure's weight reduction by up to 50% makes transportation and installation a lot easier and economical.

More compact:
The space-saving enclosure concept and reduced footprint of EXpressure cabinets enable up to 25% more compact machinery and system design. This is particularly useful in instances in which installations are to be packed tightly together, and allows you to set up equipment in confined spaces, on oil drilling platforms or along escape routes. Furthermore, hermetically sealed encapsulated cabinets with large design sizes can now be built – for example in transformers or frequency converters.

More cost-effective:
Significantly lower operating costs are counted among the many advantages – since accessibility is facilitated for inspection and maintenance purposes. You have a perfect overview of the structure and wiring. In addition, you can realise higher productivity thanks to shorter downtimes.

Choose a future-proof solution that can be flexibly retrofitted with EXpressure. Order modifications and upgrading are possible without the need for major conversion measures.

EXpressure Exd Cabinets
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