Ofte stilte spørsmål om LED

Ofte stilte spørsmål om LED

10 Frequently asked questions about LED.
Let´s throw some light on the subject.

1. How advanced is the development of LEDs?

Use of LEDs is not an issue for the future any more. Nowadays, the technology is well advanced so that it can be used without any restrictions. Luminous efficacy is significantly higher than 100lm/W. Service life of all R. STAHL LEDs is more than 100,000 hours. This corresponds to more than 10 years continuous operation.

2. Why is LED lighting so expensive?

For LEDs- durable, high-quality, impact-resistant and heat-resistant materials are used meaning they are costly to produce which therefore renders the lamps more expensive than conventional luminaires. However, the purchase price will soon be amortized due to their lower operating costs, achieved through reduced electricity consumption and lower maintenance costs. Therefore, LEDs provide larger savings when the complete service life is considered.

3. Is it advisable to wait with the use of LED?

No. LED technology is the most economic and most modern lighting technology on the market. Due to the long service life, LEDs are most cost effective when they are used as soon as possible and will reduce the cost of maintenance as well.

4. What is the service life of LEDs?

Service life is more than 100.000 hours. This corresponds to more than 10 years of continuous operation. After this time, however, the LED will still be functional, achieving at least 70% of their original luminosity.

5. How quickly do LED luminaires start?

LED luminaires illuminate fully and immediately after they are switched on.

6. Can LEDs be dimmed?

Yes. Brightness can be adjusted to individual requirements. It is controlled via modern light management systems, making them even more efficient.

7. Is the service life of dimmed LEDs shorter?

No. Due to less power consumption, service life may even be longer.

8. What are the disadvantages of LEDs?

The main disadvantage is that customers do not have enough information about LEDs. Many customers do not know about the cost benefits they can achieve by using modern LED technology.

9. Does the lighting quality remain the same after a change to LEDs?

The quality of LEDs is at least similar to the quality you had before – often it is even better.

10. Do LEDs shine as brightly as conventional luminaires?

Yes, a comparable brightness can be achieved with LEDs. LEDs use a nominally lower luminous flux but have an equal illuminance, as LEDs shine the light exactly to the spot where it is required.

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