Local control stations 8150

Local control stations 8150

Every industry and every customer has their own set of specific requirements when it comes to explosion-protected products. We are well placed to meet all your needs and have further optimised the 8150 series control box. Its modular design allows it to be tailored to your specific range of applications and requirements.

R. STAHL's control boxes are custom-made for their intended purpose. The choice is yours – from the material, size and height of the enclosure to what features and built-in equipment your control box should have.

Product overview of the 8150 series: modular, universal, bespoke control box.

The 8150 series control box can be configured according to your specifications. The option to use up to four contact elements with a single actuator is particularly interesting. It is also possible to add an ammeter for ambient temperatures as low as -40 °C. Another feature is LED indicator lamps; the colour of the lamps can be changed by adjusting the calotte directly on the cover.

The control box is available in a range of various enclosure sizes and materials (e.g. stainless steel and glass-fibre-reinforced polyester resin). The components can be configured across different levels in the interior. Thanks to the new design, all contact and control elements, individual lamps and control switch can be installed directly on the inside of the enclosure cover, freeing up space inside the enclosure.

Our control boxes comply with international certification standards; and whichever options you choose, the robust construction of all the enclosure components and built-in components will make them suitable for use under any climatic conditions and at extreme temperatures.

Large selection of actuators

R. STAHL offers an extensive range of robust actuators for use in hazardous areas. These include:

- Pushbuttons and mushroom pushbuttons
- Rotary actuators
- Key-operated switches and mushroom stay-put buttons with key lock
- Mushroom stay-put buttons, twin pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons
- Potentiometer and indicator lamp actuators  

Extensive range of accessories for your control box

A wide selection of accessories allows our control boxes to be adapted for any application. Optional extras include, among others, cable glands, stopping plugs, breathers, terminal flanges, enclosure flanges and more.

We specialize in terminal and control boxes.

Watch our video on how they are produced

Check out the complete 8150 series

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